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Click-Share has a myopic focus on your success, our proprietary technology, combined with knowledgeable account management and a fair and innovative business model make this the best place for you to achieve your online advertising objectives.

High Quality Publishers

Click-Share actively seeks the highest quality sites. All publishers undergo careful analysis by Click-Share staff to ensure appropriate content, sensible categorization and overall quality. Our staff not only reviews each site, but every single ad placement. We vigorously represent our advertisers so they always have access to the best possible placements on our partner sites.

Validation system

Click-Share's advance advertising technology analyzes every click and impression to determine whether they are quality clicks or intended to artificially generate. The system will automatically identify and filter all invalid traffic in real time based on the visit patterns. And to ensure the accuracy of the validation system, our traffic control team will examines all the traffic one more time on a daily basis. Any suspicious traffic will be removed and credited back to your account.

Campaign Management

We offer a very powerful easy-to-use management system that provides real time statistics. For each keyword, advertisers can specify the bid amount, description, title and landing URL. As an advertiser, you can also change the settings of the campaign at any time.


Advertisers are empowered with a level of ease and control not found in other networks. Ad creation with real time preview, simple and fast geographic targeting, and real-time reporting, in viewable or downloadable formats is just a sample of what is at your fingertips in the advertiser control panel. All of this is overlaid onto a core ad serving system utilizing Click-Share's proprietary Value Rankô technology which always ensures advertisers that the highest paying ads are served to the best performing placements.

Advertiser Support

When you enroll as an advertiser with us, you will be assigned an account manager who will always be available to you for assistance managing your account, optimizing your campaigns and advising you on ways to maximize your ads performance. Most account management correspondence is answered in the same business day and are guaranteed to be responded to within 24 hours. Our account managers have an average of 10 years experience in the Internet advertising business, put them to work for you today.

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US Online Ad Spending, by Format, 2002-2008

eMarketer, a leading source for statistics and analysis of Internet and e-business data, has reported that spending on paid search increased by 55% in 2004, making it one of the fastest growing sectors in online marketing. With this in mind, shouldn't you make certain that you are advertising your site to its full potential?

US Online Ad Spending, by Format, 2002-2008

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